Voice over IP, or VoIP, is the breakthrough technology OMNIA deploys to exponentially increase the flexibility of your telecommunications system. Whether integrated with analog phone systems or acting as a standalone telecom network, VoIP enables endless configuration options for your business.

Through any standard broadband internet connection, your entire organization can seamlessly connect to the network from any location. Remote users, distant offices, call centers, video-conferencing bridges — all this and more are possible with a scalable VoIP system from OMNIA, custom-designed for your organization.


Lower Operational Costs
VoIP can process and deliver voice traffic over virtually any data connection, and constantly seeks the most reliable—and cheapest—way to connect calls.

Increased Flexibility
Staff can travel between offices or to external sites with no loss of connectivity. All their telephony services “follow” them as if they were still in their office!

Save Money and Energy
With OMNIA video-conferencing capabilities, you can meet with distant colleagues, customers, and prospects, yet never leave the office — saving substantial travel costs and fuel consumption. It’s a more environmentally friendly way to do business!

Control, Simplicity and Convenience
Whether making additions, modifications, or moving to another location, your IT staff can manage the system at a moment’s notice—from anywhere in the world.

Improved Service to Customers and Employees
OMNIA’s easy-to-manage voice application can also be incorporated into operational and customer service applications, from CRM to ERP to Accounting.