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Technology consultation that transforms.

It can be difficult to determine what technology solutions best meet the needs of your business as well as overwhelming to keep up with and sort through the many technology options available for improving communication, collaboration and the efficient and profitable functioning of your business.

How helpful would it be to call upon Skilled Technology Consultants to work with you regarding your communication technology needs; reviewing and evaluating your existing infrastructure and what current technologies would best provide for your present needs and your future growth.

OMNIA Technologies Consultants have many years experience working in communication technology and staying current with evolving technology. Putting our expertise to work toward achieving the best technology options for your business is our business.

OMNIA Technologies — Connectivity without Compromise

Technology Consultation includes:

  • Network, Technology and Process Assessment and Advisement
  • Technology Implementation Strategies
  • Technical Support Assessment and Advisement
  • Implementation Project Management
  • Technology Price / Features / Cost [Projection] Comparisons
  • Legacy Telecommunications and Data Interoperability Assessment and Implementation
  • Technical Contract Agreement Assessment and Advisement

What OMNIA Consultants believes:

  • Complexity does not equal value.
  • There is always a less costly solution — and it is often a better one.
  • If our customer can get one communication system to do the job of several, we advise to do it.
  • When our customer is investing in new telecommunications solutions, financial savings and efficiency gains need be immediate and dramatic.

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